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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mobile Office Freeware

Mobile Office for S60 2nd by
Mobile Office is an Office suite for the new OpenDocument format. It is the first and currently only implementation for Symbian as well as any other mobile platform. With MobileOffice, you can now read (and later on edit and create) your files also on your mobile and have them always with you.
The OpenDocument format is also used by other well known dektop applications such as OpenOffice, StarOffice and KOffice. With Mobile Office, you can read those files on the road without the need to convert them to other formats as well as compromising on formatting and ODF features.

Many exciting features are available:
open OpenDocument text(.odt), spreadsheet(.ods) and presentation(.odp)
view thumbnail image
get information about subject, title, keywords and other meta information
get statistics about paragraph count, words and pages
zoom and fullscreen
view of changes
Lots of formatting is also supported:
all text and highlighting colors
bold and italic
underline as well as crossing lines
upper and lower text
left, right and center alignment
left and right margins
bullets and numbering
embedded images
paragraph bordering
full support for footnotes (show them by pressing ok/enter button, if there are more then one, use the arrow keys to scroll)

Download Mobile office freeware

1 comment:

Xcboy said...

what can i say, loong awaiting come to end, mobile office app for most famous office application OPEN OFFICE has arrived, coz i don't use M$$ Office anymore. this release is awsome, if it work then ill repute u dude
gonna give it a try