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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ETICamcorder 2 v2.02 Symbian OS7

ETI Camcorder 2 v2.02 Software Symbian S60 OS7

Shoot crystal-clear videos that are worth keeping. Camcorder2 continues the legend of the original ETI Camcorder

ETICamcorder.Sis free

Author's Description
Let's face it, the built-in camcorder of your mobile phone is bad . It turns your "precious moment" into a blurry mess, and it records into 3GP files that are only loved by blood-sucking telcos. If you want to shoot videos with enough quality that are worth keeping, you need Camcorder2, the worthy successor of the original, legendary ETI Camcorder.

I'm not going to tell you Camcorder2 is the ONLY intelligent choice for the replacement of your built-in camcorder software ;-) Let me show you the features:

* Highest-quality --crystal clear pictures with no visible compression artifacts

* Smoothest motion -- Camcorder2's ultra efficient encoding algorithm allows it to achieve the highest frame rate which result in smooth videos without the jerkiness exhibited by all other camcorder programs.

* AVI output -- The ONLY camcorder that outputs to compressed AVI file. 3GP files created by the others cannot be played back easily on PCs. Worse, they are very difficult to edit. AVI file, on the other hand, plays on every PC. Editing is also piece of cake thanks to a large number of free/commercial video editing tools with AVI support.

* Visual movie album -- Unlike the built-in camcorder which shows you a list of cryptic file names, Camcorder2 presents your videos as thumbnail images. Folders can also be created to help you better manage your videos because with Camcorder2, you will for sure record LOTS OF videos!

* Skinnable UI -- software Camcorder2 is now the only camcorder program with support for customizable skins. Have fun!

* Plug-ins -- The movie album of Camcorder2 supports a powerful plugin architecture which extends the functionalities of the album in unlimited ways. For example, you can pick a video then apply a more aggressive compression scheme, convert to another file format, upload to our video sharing forum, or even "blog" it to your video blogger. Many plugins will be made freely downloadable through our dedicated Camcorder2 web site.

* Fan club -- A web site and forum dedicated to Camcorder2 users. Get free upgrades, technical supports, and download many plugins and skins. Better yet, share your videos with other users all over the world!

In all, Camcorder2 continues the legend of the original ETI Camcorder software -- the most user friendly, well-designed camcorder program. It also goes beyond the original program in every aspects -- speed, quality, ease of use, and more importantly, FUN!

Do not wait to get your copy. This is one of the must-have software to equip your shinny new mobile phone.
Compatiable Devices
Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610

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