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Sunday, December 23, 2007

SmartSIS 1.82

SmartSIS is a freeware application for symbian OS9 (s60v3) devices that allows users to pack and unpack Symbian SISX packages directly on the mobile phone.
Creating sis.pkg:
To start, you create a pkg- file (C: \ SmartSIS \ sis.pkg), which will describe the information to create a package. This file should consist of 5 (6) lines:
1) folder inside the structure, which will be packed in the package;
2) the name of the program, which will be displayed during installation;
3) version of the program as a major, minor, build (version should be strictly of the three numbers separated by periods or commas (no spaces), for example 1,6,32 or 2.5.0);
4) UID program is written in hex form (eg 0xA432E90A or 0xF1234567), with the prefix 0x binding; beware, as convergence with the UID ohm another program installation is not possible!
5), the author, the name of which will be displayed during installation;
6), a text file that will be displayed during installation; encoded in UTF-16LE. This is an optional parameter, it may be omitted sis.pkg

This program requires Python 1.41

SmartSIS 1.82


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