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Monday, July 03, 2006

Cubix MP3 Player v3.00 Symbian Applications

cubix mp3 player nokia

BEST CHOICE! Amazing MP3 PLAYER with such features as: 3D VISUALIZATIONS, skinning, albums and M3U playlists support, 10-band graphical equalizer, playlist, and more! CHECK IT OUT!

CubiX MP3 Player is the ultimate choice for any music fan! You get a high quality MP3 player which lets you create your own playlist, displays amazing 3D visualizations, provides a 10-Band Graphical Equalizer, M3U, album support, skinning and much more!
CubiX MP3 Player is compatible with all Series 60 smartphones!
* two fully functional modes: graphics and text!
* to play a chosen file directly from your playlist simply click on it!
* 3 amazing 3D visualizations! (you can get more visualizations with the "ADDITIONAL PACK")
* skinning - you get 4 superb skins with the program! (you can get more skins with the "ADDITIONAL PACK")
* top quality MP3 playback: even 44khz, 16-bit, stereo (depends on phone's specifications)!
* equalizer: 10-band and graphical!
* resumes playback after incoming/outgoing calls, stops playback while there is an incoming call (depends on phone's specifications)!
* displays song title, track number, information on the file, etc!
* fully customizable playlist!
* you can change font colors!
* repeat / random function: song / playlist!
* and more!
* album mode: now you can set folders with MP3s as albums! (new keys added: press and hold FF or REW for 3s. to change albums)
* M3U playlists support: create a playlist on your desktop computer, save it as an M3U file, then copy the M3U file to the memory card of your cellphone and listen to your favorite music tracks!
* enable/disable 3D visualizations: now you can turn off the 3D visualizations to save the battery power of your phone!

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