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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Caricature Maker For Symbian Phones

caricature for symbian phones

Take a photo with your mobile phone's camera and become an immediate caricaturist. Caricature guarantees pure fun. It's a truly unique entertainment that brings hilarious results. STRETCH any part of the photo,Put a BIG smile on any face or lengthen Pinocchio's nose and Use Magic mirrors like you see at fair grounds, for different effects: make your friend thin - finally. Blend one photo with another: Where did she get the cat's eyes from?

Use warping to disfigure your own or your friend's picture on your mobile phone.
Change your picture with the help of distorting mirrors.
Blend two images and you'll see how funny it can be.
There is a possibility of loading the image from your phone camera.

For more info and Download DEMO visit

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